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PCG Hosting Web Hosting Services for Webs Created with Microsoft® FrontPage®

Always at no additional setup fees or monthly costs beyond our already low Web Hosting rates!

Microsoft FrontPage services provided by PCG HostingWhy FrontPage?

FrontPage has always made it easy for both new users and Web professionals to create and manage a Web site.

The Microsoft FrontPage editor lets you create and edit Web pages without having to know HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). It's all about as easy as writing a letter because the FrontPage editor automatically generates the right HTML code behind the scenes for you.

We want to make things as easy as possible for our clients who wish to use FrontPage to create and manage their Web sites. We will continue to expand and provide full support for using and configuring your FrontPage-based Webs.

Together, FrontPage and PCG Hosting take users from start to finish with a complete Web site creation, management and hosting solution. Not only does the editor allow you to create your Web site, the publishing features will assist anyone in the transfer of files and their placement on your Web site location hosted with us.

To sign up for a FrontPage-based Web hosting account, please select the FrontPage Option when signing up for your account. Current clients can upgrade their accounts to use FrontPage extensions with a simple E-mail request or via your domain control panel. Be sure to mention your domain name and user account.

Order a FrontPage web from PCG Hosting!

Easily create great-looking Web sites

* Intuitive, leading-edge features help users create professional Web sites, without programming.
* Intelligent design assistance and innovative imaging tools make it easier than ever to build great-looking Web sites.
* Flexible, open support for the latest Web technologies gives users the power to create the most compelling, original sites on the World Wide Web. Effectively manage Web content and site structure

Effectively manage Web content and site structure

* Comprehensive management tools let users quickly plan and organize their site.
* Automatic hyperlink maintenance gives users the freedom to manage their site without worrying about broken hyperlinks.
* FrontPage helps users quickly and easily update the content and look of their entire Web site.
* Flexible collaboration features let users work with others to create and manage their site. Seamlessly integrate existing content and familiar applications

Seamlessly integrate existing content and familiar applications

* Tight integration with Microsoft Office makes users productive from the very start.
* Compatibility with the most popular Web browsers makes it easy to design and develop Web sites for any audience.
* Cross-platform server support ensures broad compatibility and wide acceptance of the FrontPage Server Extensions. To learn more, visit the Microsoft FrontPage web site.